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In My Flesh I See God - Brad Scott

In My Flesh I See God

In this series, Brad reveals how the design of the Hebrew language is found embedded in all of God’s creation. He discusses how the structure of the Word of God (linguistics) is found in agriculture and written on our DNA. Topics include: agri-bio linguistics, two and three letter roots, life in the cell, chromosomes, and atoms. 

  Part 1: Agri-Bio Linguistics (Part 1)      
 Brad Scott A Weighter Matter

A Weighter Matter

In this series, Brad asks the question "What if we've got it wrong?" He discusses what we need to focus on in case Messiah doesn't return, in case we are wrong.  Brad looks at how the Bible instructs us to move.

  Part 1: A Weighter Matter      
  Part 2: A Weighter Matter      
  Part 3: A Weighter Matter      
  Part 4: A Weighter Matter      
  Part 5: A Weighter Matter      
  Part 6: A Weighter Matter      
  Part 7: A Weighter Matter      
  Part 8: A Weighter Matter      



Ezekiels Wheel- Brad Scott

Ezekiel's Wheel

Our Creator’s constant call to mankind from Genesis to Revelation has been to repent, to return and to restore. In this series, Brad teaches the remez, drash and sod of the vision given to Ezekiel for the nations. Brad clearly connects the opening chapter of (Genesis) to “the wheel of Genesis” found in James 3:6 via Ezekiel’s wheel, so, once again, no man stands before God with any excuse. 

  Part 1: Destroying the Wheel of Genesis  

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